Subject:      Re: "America B.C." -- anything to this?
From: (Yuri Kuchinsky)
Date:         1997/11/16
Message-ID:   <64nund$44m$>
Newsgroups:   sci.archaeology,sci.anthropology,sci.lang

Ross Clark ([22] wrote:
: Yuri Kuchinsky wrote:


: > You have ignored what Hu
: > posted in this thread -- clear achievements of Fell in the area of
: > transatlantic contacts. I can give you a whole list of positive things
: > he's done, while you only focus on the negative.
: As I pointed out earlier, in every case where I was able to investigate
: thoroughly in areas where I have some competence, "negative" was what I
: found.

I see, Ross. So perhaps it was just your bad luck?


: Although one would never know it from reading Fell's works, there is
: indeed a "great puzzle of ancient history" in the origins and migrations
: of the people of the Pacific islands. There's enough "challenge and hard
: work" there for many people's lifetimes. I have made some small
: contributions to this work, which give me some professional
: satisfaction. Barry Fell flashed through like a kid on a tricycle and has
: already been forgotten by most people.

This is too bad.


: > But what about this, Ross? I've got an idea... As I remember,
: > Fell wrote something about the Caroline Islands script. I believe this was
: > the only indigenous script in the Pacific outside of rongorongo. I'm not
: > sure about this... Now, you're the authority in this area, so please tell
: > me, was that valid, or was this another figment of Fell's imagination?
: The Carolines script is real enough. Fell didn't discover it. There's
: also good evidence that it is not much more than 100 years old.

I see. Good evidence... How good?

And I have good evidence now that it is much more than 100 years old.

: As I
: recall, Fell found a dozen or so signs in it that he thought had similar
: shapes and sounds to rongorongo characters. Since there is no generally
: agreed upon set of readings for rongorongo, only somebody who already
: accepted Fell's word on that could be impressed.

Wait a minute, Ross. Since there seem to be some intriguing similarities
_in shapes_, the sounds need not even concern us here as yet. The fact
that Fell was the first to point out these simililarities is very

So I believe I've now identified some disadvantages of living in the world
of negativity as you do in regard to Fell. Obviously, you put yourself in
danger of missing some important stuff as it comes up... I can't really
understand the depth of your negativity in this case. It seems almost
instinctive and quite unreasoned.

So if I show you that you're wrong about the Carolines script, and that
Fell, who dated it pre European contact, was right, will you then lay off
Fell, and try to be more objective about him?



Yuri Kuchinsky in Toronto -=O=- [23]

Reading made Don Quixote a gentleman, but believing what he
read made him mad -=O=- George Bernard Shaw

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