Subject:      Re: "America B.C." -- anything to this?
From: (Yuri Kuchinsky)
Date:         1997/11/10
Message-ID:   <6469ls$n79$>
Newsgroups:   sci.archaeology,sci.anthropology,sci.anthropology.paleo

Dave Goggin ([21] wrote:
: Hi everyone...
: I'm sure this has been asked an awful lot of times before
: in this news group, maybe someone can refer me to the FAQ.
: Is there anything to Barry Fell's book "America B.C."

Yes, Dave, I think so. Quite a bit.

: In which
: alleged evidence is presented for celtic, Phoenician, Egyptian
: artifacts in the americas?  If true, that would be a remarkable
: bit of info.

Fell's books contain huge amounts of highly controversial data, none of
it, or very little, rigorously tested. The mainstream has never dealt with
99% of it. I would describe him as an "idea man", a kind of researcher who
never stopped with one thing at a time and researched it in detail. He
just kept suggesting more controversial ideas. He himself expressed hope
that others will deal in more depth with the stuff he uncovered. So far,
few have.

: But seeing as I haven't heard anything about this
: from the mainstream science media, I'm skeptical of the claims.

I don't think anyone, even the hard core "Fellistas", would hold that all
of his claims are valid. Even among the "diffusionists", the quesses are
out as to how much of it is valid. The consensus is perhaps that it may be
around 50%. Some said that even if 10% of his claims are valid, his place
in history, and in historical scholarship will be assured.



Yuri Kuchinsky in Toronto -=O=- [22]

Comparative studies of primitive art have probably been
jeopardized by the zeal of investigators of cultural contacts and
borrowings. But let us state in no uncertain terms that these
studies have been jeopardized even more by intellectual pharisees
who prefer to deny obvious relationships because science does not
yet provide an adequate method for their interpretation
   -=-   Claude Levi-Strauss, ANTHROPOLOGIE STRUCTURALE, 1958

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