Subject:      Re: "America B.C." -- anything to this?
From: (Yuri Kuchinsky)
Date:         1997/11/14
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Ross Clark ([22] wrote on Fri, 14 Nov 1997 22:20:19
: Yuri Kuchinsky wrote:

: > As for some of the valid (or valid to a certain extent) claims by Fell,
: > here's an old discussion that is relevant. This goes to show that some of
: > the transatlantic connections hypothesised are not quite the product of
: > Fell's imagination.

: No, of course they were in other people's imaginations long before Fell
: came along. Whether they are real or not will, I'm sure, be argued about
: happily for generations to come, but Fell has contributed nothing but
: publicity.

OK, Ross, so what's wrong with contributing publicity? I think we've now
established one area where Fell clearly contributed something positive. He
turned on a lot of people to ancient history, and even, because of this,
helped in identifying many ancient artifacts and inscriptions that may
have otherwise remained unknown.

Is this not an accomplishment?


: Exactly. And if I could make a suggestion to you trans-oceanic diffusion
: enthusiasts -- quit wasting your time with Barry Fell.

Not quite, Ross.

: His decipherments,
: as I have tried to show with a few Pacific examples where it's blatantly
: obvious, are completely without value. They're a pencil and paper game
: played by a clever man who evidently cared more about having his ego
: stroked than any concept of "truth" I would recognize.

You obviously have an axe to grind against Fell. You have ignored what Hu
posted in this thread -- clear achievements of Fell in the area of
transatlantic contacts. I can give you a whole list of positive things
he's done, while you only focus on the negative. Even founding the
Epigraphic Society, itself, and publishing ESOP has been a great
contribution. The 20 something volumes of this publication is a veritable
goldmine of the most obscure and fascinating historical information (that
always needs to be taken with a grain of salt to be sure). Of course those
who would prefer to take personal professional comfort, and narrow
personal interests over the great challenge and hard work of investigating
great puzzles of ancient history may think otherwise...

Fell may have contributed relatively little in the Pacific studies, for
all I know. But what about this, Ross? I've got an idea... As I remember,
Fell wrote something about the Caroline Islands script. I believe this was
the only indigenous script in the Pacific outside of rongorongo. I'm not
sure about this... Now, you're the authority in this area, so please tell
me, was that valid, or was this another figment of Fell's imagination?


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