Subject:      Re: Followup on Polynesian-American links
From: (Yuri Kuchinsky)
Date:         1997/12/14
Message-ID:   <6714k0$ivh$>
Newsgroups:   sci.archaeology,sci.anthropology,sci.lang

Jacques Guy ([22] wrote:

: But I am not surprised at the muddleness of those arguments.
: I just received "Easter Island, Archaeology Ecology and
: Culture" by Jo Ann van Tilburg.
: Her chapter on the rongorongo opens with a discussion of
: Lapita pottery (nothing relevant whatsoever), followed
: by, wait for it... a whole paragraph on the Naga rebellion
: against British rule in the 1930s! What's that got to do?
: The next paragraph give the key: the leader of the rebellion
: had filled a set of notebooks with "regular and repetitive symbols
: resembling writing but in no known language".


Yes, this is truly weird. Our "expert" is trying very hard to indicate
that rongorongo writings are nothing but meaniningless gibberish without
actually saying it in so many words... Meanwhile, her Respect for Native
Cultures seems to be overflowing its cup all over the place...

: Later on, you
: find mindlessly regurgitated that, according to "most shcolars",
: the rongorongo are a recent invention, prompted by the witnessing
: of the signing of the Spanish annexation treaty in 1770. This
: figure of "most scholars" is arrived at by ignoring the lunatic
: fringe I expect, such as Butinov, Fedorova, Knorozov, Barthel,
: Metraux.

Yes, she creates an imaginary consensus of experts to back up such a weird
idea that rongorongo was a relatively recent post-contact invention. Why
would the natives have been inventing strange scripts while their society
entered a period of total disintegration post-contact is never explained.
Such an absurdity can not be explained anyway.

: When such drivel gets published by supposedly responsible
: publishers (the Smithsonian Institute),

Actually, hard though it may be to believe, this idiocy was published by
the Smithsonian Institution Press _jointly_ with the august British Museum

Long live the joint wisdom of all experts! (Even if they don't exist!)



Yuri Kuchinsky in Toronto -=O=- [23]

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