Subject:      Re: silence about Inca writing?
From: (Yuri Kuchinsky)
Date:         1997/05/11
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Greetings, Domingo,

Domingo Martinez Castilla ([21] wrote:

Certainly I can give you the source. Prada gives a long citation of the
story about the banning of a previous writing system on p. 104. In it he
identifies this king as:

        "Tupac Pachacuti VII, 78. Koenig nach dem Zerfall des alten

(I'm not quite sure what the VII refers to.) Also, there's one more quote
there from another source (Lira) that identifies him as Pachakutekk.

The citation of the story about the banning of a previous writing system
is taken by Prada from:

Montecinos, ANALES DEL PERU, Madrid, 1906: 85-86

And here's the mention as provided by Jorge Lira, DICCIONARIO
KKECHUWA-ESPANOL, 1941, in his entry about kipus:

        Der Erfindung des Khipu wird der Dynastie von Pachakutekk
        sugeschrieben, die die Schrift durch dieses System ersetzten,
        da jenes schriftlische Medium ein der Regierung
        zuwiderlaufendes Verbreitungssystem war.

This tells us that kipus were introduced by Pachakutekk dynasty, and also
seems to indicate that they used another notational system before the
kipus became widely used.


Nevertheless, I have here another book in German, Klaus Keplinger, DAS
Oesterreichischer StudienVerlag, 1993, and in this book the author claims
to have deciphered some textile writings (tucapus). These are the tucapus
of the Ashaninca, the tribal peoples who live in the Amazonian rainforest
of Peru. It's a small book of only 64 pages.



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