Items about Polynesia, and about the Kensington Rune Stone

articles by Yuri Kuchinsky and others posted and discussed in sci.archaeology

I've uploaded the following files dealing with the Lapita problem (the discussion about the origins of Polynesian culture) in Dec '98.

  • A brief general introduction.
  • This deals with the views of Geoffrey Irwin on how kumara (sweet potato) got to Polynesia from S America. He is one of the few establishment Polynesian scholars who tried to consider this important question honestly. Almost all others prefer to pretend that this problem doesn't exist, and they've been avoiding it assiduously!
  • This long file is a detailed critique of the mainstream Polynesianist hypothesis about the Lapita origin of the Polynesians. Many problems exist with this view.
  • This is a follow-up to my previous post. Ross Clark didn't like it, it seems...
  • This long post provides yet more background information. The Lapita origin of the Polynesians looks now more ephemeral than ever...

    I've uploaded the following files about the Kensingto Rune Stone at the end of August '98.

    Here are the latest additions to this subject from summer of '98.

    New Easter Island and Polynesia files:

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