Trans-Pacific Connections of the Ancient Americans

What about that maize?

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MaizeGoddess_Image There are quite a few mysteries associated with the spread of maize around the world. The picture on the left, a photo of a stone carving of "Maize Goddess" in a medieval South Indian temple, one of great many such carvings, tells quite a story. Was maize in India many centuries before Columbus already? Indications are mounting that this indeed is the case.
Although we don't yet know all the details about how maize got to Asia, and possibly also to Europe, so early, the following articles provide quite a lot of information.

First of all, here's the link to the homepage of Prof. Carl Johannessen of the University of Oregon, the researcher who has done a lot recently to investigate this fascinating subject. And also many other related subjects.

And now, the list of the more recent articles. More detailed articles that I wrote on this subject previously are also available here, with more images of maize in India.

All these exchanges are from 1997.

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