Languages & Transoceanic Cultural Contacts In Ancient Times

Writing Systems

articles by Yuri Kuchinsky posted in sci.archaeology

There are many mysterious writing systems around the world. And there's plenty of academic lethargy, and unwillingness to deal with these matters.

Here, for the first time on Internet, you can see some examples of Cuna writing system. This writing system is extremely obscure. No recent investigations of this has been tried by professional academic scholars. And yet clearly this traditional Native writing system is pre-columbian.

The very unusual Micmac hieroglyphic writing system.

An exchange with a noted linguist Prof. Ross Clark about the Micmac writing.

These articles are about the Incas. There's a false myth commonly spread about that they did not know any writing systems.

A discussion with Doug about oghams.

This discussion is about the antiquity of oghams, and the work of Robert Graves.

More about the antiquity of oghams and Robert Graves.

In this reply to Bruce L. Grubb, I focus on, among other things, Barry Fell's very unique research on oghams.

Here's a very interesting article by Prof. Mary Ritchie Key dealing with Polynesian and American linguistic connections. This is very obscure stuff. Nobody knows much about it. My post created quite a stir in sci.archaeology at first...

And these are my comments on some of the replies that came in after I posted the above.

Also in this general connection, I should mention the research of a Canadian scholar Dr. Charles Hill-Tout. He studied the Native languages of British Columbia, and found many connections there with Polynesian languages. There are many discussions at the above link.

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