Did Native Americans Really Have the Horse Before Columbus?

Many of them say they did...


articles by Yuri Kuchinsky posted in sci.archaeology

Here's a group of articles about the mystery of the horse in America.

And so, the investigation continues. Yes, there're still other promising leads besides the ones I've made available on this page already. The truth is out there. But it usually takes time to dig it out...

NOTE ABOUT THE IMAGES: The above 2 images are of Cayuse horses, the types of horses that the Native Americans especially favoured, and still do. The modern Cayuse breed of horses, similar also to the Appaloosa horse, is derived from that famous "Indian pony" about which the articles on this page are talking. These sorts of horses are generally known as "Pinto".

And here's an interesting link to Pony Boy's web site. He is a Native American author and educator who is trying to bring out the Native traditions of horse rearing as he received them from his people. He writes about this in his recent book.

As I mentioned before, many Native Americans believe that horse was in America many centuries before Columbus. Pony Boy gives one of such traditional narratives in his book, although, it needs to be noted, he generally tends to support the mainstream academic view of horse history in America.

Here's a picture of a very unusual "Przewalski horse".


This wild horse is still found in Mongolia. It is so different, it has 66 chromosomes as compared to the 64 that we find in all other horses. This is a very primitive kind of horse, the one probably quite similar to what the ancient peoples first domesticated. (Nevertheless, some researchers believe that it represents a whole different species as compared to our domesticated horses.)

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