Trans-Oceanic Connections of the Ancient Americans

Were There Links with Asia, or across the Atlantic?

articles by Yuri Kuchinsky posted and critiqued by various scholars in sci.archaeology newsgroup

These are general discussions in the area of transoceanic contacts in ancient times. Over 1997, I've been talking these matters over with some competent scholars in the academic discussion groups on Usenet.

A discussion of some of Prof. Paul Tolstoy's theories. Complexity of cultural parallels, as observed in various cultures around the Pacific basin. What can we learn from all this?

More information about that very interesting Roman statue in Mexico.

And this is about another possible ancient wreck in Honduras.

An exchange with Prof. Yurco about some important leads being ignored by mainsream academics.

A list of other plants that came across the Pacific.

This is another file about ancient Amazonian pottery.

And this is part 2 of the above about pottery.

Information about the very ancient bronze in Thailand. Bronze was used in Thailand before it was attested in Egypt. Nobody can quite figure out this information.

Here's another article dealing with the chicken, including also a general overview of these problems. There are many more articles about this at my other page at

These are some articles dealing with certain parallels in art styles that can be observed in aboriginal tribal cultures all around the Pacific Basin.

This is an exchange with a noted writer John R. Cole. John didn't have much to say in reply.

In this long article I look closely at some of what John R. Cole has posted recently. I talk about certain "professional critics" of transoceanic contacts researchers such as Heyerdahl.

A continuation of this discussion with John. Talking about the work of Prof. George Carter...

Does Eurocentrism still exist in today's typical academic mindset? Most of us wouldn't even suspect this -- these are enlightened times, right?

Here you will find files dealing with my unjustified expulsion from AZTLAN-L, a professional mailing list dedicated to American prehistory. Truly a sordid story indicating that prejudice is alive and well among our scholars.

This is another discussion about the Olmecs. This one is with Bernard.

This is a post about scholars and propagandists.

Quite a few replies came to my previous post. In this post, I summarize them somewhat, and add some more suggestions.

Claude Levi-Strauss is quite a famous anthropologist. In this discussion with Greg we consider what Levi-Strauss had to say about cultural similarities between various tribal peoples of the Pacific basin. Unfortunately, we didn't have a chance to go into details on this at the time...

This is some very little known info about the history of tobacco. Many people still believe it came to the Old World only after Columbus. Wrong.

What about the wheel? Was it really unknown in America before Columbus? Not quite...

This is a very important file that describes the work of Prof. Paul Tolstoy on paper making in Asia and in America.

Musical instruments on both sides of the Pacific indicating ancient transoceanic contacts? Find out more...

What about the modern evidence from genetics? Surely it should be supportive of transoceanic contact theories seeing that so much other evidence exists? And in this article posted by Duncan Craig you will find out that this is indeed so.

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