Trans-Atlantic Connections of the Ancient Americans

Did the Phoenicians, and other ancient sailors visit America?

articles by Yuri Kuchinsky posted in sci.archaeology

------>These discussions about Phoenician coins took place in 1997. The exchanges were quite heated... But some useful new information emerged as a result. Also other relevant coins are discussed in the following articles.

This is a general article about these Phoenician coins.

Another such article about coins.

This long file contains unique information about the ancient Carthagenian base in the Azores. Posted by Seneca from Germany, part of this file is in German. At the end of the file, there's another interesting discussion of those ancient coins in the Azores.

This post contains info about other such "coin-maps".

This article is a follow up about Phoenician coins found in the Azores.

This is a general overview of what we know about these rather mysterious Phoenician coin maps. Includes some links to other sites.

These are other relevant articles about coins.

The investigations in this area continue. Mark McMenamin indicated to me privately that he's now finding some more new interesting information providing further support to his theories about these Phoenician coin-maps.

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