Trans-Pacific Journeys of Banana.

When did bananas arrive from Asia?

articles by Yuri Kuchinsky posted in sci.archaeology

These discussions about the banana took place in 1997. I've been discussing this subject with Bernard Ortiz and others.

Information about banana found in a book by Jack D. Forbes, BLACK AFRICANS AND NATIVE AMERICANS, 1988. This info is not widely known.

This is a long file with a summary of a very important article by William J. Smole dealing with banana history in America.

Another relevant file. This one by Michael Sternberg brings in informtion about the bananas that existed in America many millions of years ago.

Bernard R. Ortiz de Montellano was critical of Smole's research. But was it with good reason? I doubt it.

This is a reply I sent on the same subject to Bernard in November. He was probably not quite understanding the implications of his extreme negativity on this subject. And so I'm pointing out the inadequacies of Bernard's position.

Here are a couple of articles where I reply to Peter. His own position suffered from a lack of committment to one single hypothesis.

All in all, the fact itself of banana being in America before Columbus did not really seem to be that much in doubt. Still, there was some doubt about how the banana got to be in America. (Perhaps it has always been here?)

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