Subject:      Re: ancient navigation (was: American map on Phoenician coins?
From: (Yuri Kuchinsky)
Date:         1997/07/01
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Paul J. Gans ([22] wrote:


: Ah yes.  That is the point, isn't it?
: The Great Hyperdiffusionist War, which took place in this newsgroup
: about two years ago was largely about this very point.  It was
: pointed out over and over again that the hyperdiffusionist point
: was NOT that Europeans benefited from New World cultural imports,
: but it *always* went the other way.  They too kept screaming
: that we, the non-hyper group, were Eurocentric, just as Yuri
: is now.


This is false and misleading. I expect nothing less from you.

My research has focused for a long time on Asia-America connections. I
maintain that cultural innovations went BOTH WAYS!

In agriculture, the innovations went PREDOMINANTLY to Asia.

Here's a _partial_ list of American crops that were cited by various
researchers as possibly having travelled FROM America pre-Columbus:

grain amaranth
sweet potato
prickle poppy

I don't have complete references or details for all of those plants, yet
I'm pretty sure some sort of cases have been made for each. I'm sure this
list can be expanded.

And one more thing. I'm not a diffusionist. I have little interest in
"diffusionism". Although previously I've been associated with this term,
now I reject this designation.

From what I understand (and I don't claim to be too knowledgeable about
these abstract theoretical issues), "Diffusionism" is an extremely complex
theoretical position in anthropology that purports to postulate certain
"truths" about human nature, psychology, and the nature of cultural
change. While I'm interested in the above, I certainly don't claim to have
answers to these guestions, and, moreover, I have no ambition to resolve
them. I can say with certainty that my main interests lie elsewhere, and I
have no opinion about whether or not the diffusionists' answers to these
questions are better than others'. 

My only real interest is history plain and simple: what happened in the
past. That's all.

I thought that I needed to clarify this for you and others.


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