Subject:      Re: possible Phoenician wrecks in Americas
From: (Yuri Kuchinsky)
Date:         1997/06/09
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Newsgroups:   sci.archaeology,sci.archaeology.mesoamerican,sci.skeptic,

People have been asking about the info that Doug N. sent me and that I
reposted. Apparently Doug N. does not have a good connection to the
Internet. So he sent me some more references to that Honduran wreck.

*** Please note that I'm only reposting this info and AM NOT RESPONSIBLE
FOR IT otherwise! ***


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Subject: Re: (fwd) Re: Phoenician wrecks in America?

Hello Yuri

The  reference to the Roatan wreck is only second hand but reliable. It is in
Cruising Guide to the Bahamas and Caribbean by Jerrems Hart & William Stone,
1976. The wreck was discovered in 1968 and Jerry Hart met the excavation
group leader in 1974 at which time they were still seeking more accurate
verification of the dating. There is no mention of anything being published
but  maybe the University of Pennsylvania could come up with some early 70's
records of the tests.

Yours,    Doug N.

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