Subject:      Re: coin maps - actual reference
From: (Yuri Kuchinsky)
Date:         1997/06/14
Message-ID:   <5nu6c2$iao$>
Newsgroups:   sci.archaeology
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Gee, thanks, Phil.

So now we know that the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR is not quite the wacko
publication secretly controlled by a sinister and far-reaching
"diffusionist" cabal as some rather suspicious folks here suggested...

It's difficult to see how this controversy might be settled in a decisive
way one way or the other, unless a few such coins were found America
by a whole team of SCEPTICAL INQUIRER editors out for a weekend in the

Best wishes,


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[23] wrote:

: People seem tio be asking for a picture and scholarly reference to an
: unquestioned map on a coin.  Here it is:
: p. 158 of The History of Cartography, Vol. 1, eds. Harley and Woodward,
: U. of Chicago Press 1987.  That book is the BEST on the subject,
: and contains further references.
: This whole carthaginian map of the new world issue has been debated pretty
: fiercely on MAPHIST, where I have suggested that:
: a.  The features might not be a map anyway.

: b.  If they are a map, there are lots of other places they might be
:     a map of... I suggest Motya (Mozia) on Sicily, an important
:     Carthaginian site of that period, but I only suggest it as an
:     alternative place to look, I don't necessarily believe it.  Personally,
:     I'd be happiest if the marks were a map of the Moon, but I'm certain they
:     are not.
: Phil Stooke,
: Dept. of Geography,
: U. of Western Ontario,
: London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5C2

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