Subject:      precolumbian Amerindian horse?
From: (Yuri Kuchinsky)
Date:         1997/09/22
Message-ID:   <604m9c$j0c$>
Newsgroups:   sci.archaeology

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[ Posted on 19 Sep 1997 05:46:37 GMT ] (Deborah Stevenson) says:

>Don't get too hung up on color either.  It's not particularly sound >to
use it as an indicator of type (have a look at the thread on >Pintabians
for a contemporary equivalent), so if the rarity of the >"Indian pony"
you're discussing is simply the various pinto >genes, I don't see much
grounds for that as proof of earlier >horses in the Americas.

>While I'm not enough of a color historian to guarantee you early >pintos
in Britain, for instance, just by looking in the OED I can >get you a 17th
century usage of "piebald" for a British horse.  >They don't seem to have
been necessarily well thought of, but >they were in fact known.

And the pattern existed in the Spanish horses.  There's quite a famous
painting (ok, famous to some of us ;-) of the mares and foals at the
Spanish Riding School stud from the seventeenth century, and several
paints are visible.  I've also seen paintings of paints doing high school

Deb Hendrickson
Duluth, Minnesota  -- Land of the Loons

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