Subject:      Re: American map on Phoenician coins? (was: Phonecians 
		in America, Iceland
From: (Yuri Kuchinsky 17784)
Date:         1997/09/06
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leste ( wrote:

: I'm new here, sorry if someone already asked for the same.
: Is there some site on the web where to find informations and pictures 
: of these Phoenician coins?


Here's some info I prepared and posted before.



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Well, I suppose it's time someone compiled a "McMenamin Phoenician
coin-maps Internet FAQ", since McMenamin himself hasn't done it yet?

In any case, these URLs, that I repost once again, contain some outline
drawings of one such coin. Photos of these coins, it seems, are not yet
available on the WWW. (A hint for someone to go scan them and make them
available for the Net public...)

 Click here.

 Click here. 

Also, these URLs contain stories about these coins (for the content of
which which I, Yuri, am not responsible in any way.)

Two important publications by McMenamin appeared recently. One is in
NUMISMATIST (Nov. 1996), and one in MERCATOR'S WORLD (an article by
McMenamin, and a response by a critic appearing in Spring and Summer
issues of 1997.)

Also Mike Skupin interviewed McMenamin recently for ARCHEOLOGIA SIN
FRONTIERAS. Mike kindly sent me a copy of that interview way back, and he
may do the same for you if you ask nicely.

As I understand, quite a few stories about these coins appeared in some
major media outlets recently, but I've only seen and reposted a story from
the Christian Science Monitor that should be available from DejaNews, or
from the CSM site itself.

Also, some discussion took place recently about whether or not other such
"coin-maps" existed in the ancient world. Many posters expressed _strong
doubts_ that they existed, and that even the idea is unbelievable. In
regard to this, the following reference has been posted eventually. Many
thanks to Phil Stooke for posting this:

"People seem to be asking for a picture and a scholarly reference to an
unquestioned map on a coin. Here it is:

p. 158 of The History of Cartography, Vol. 1, eds. Harley and Woodward,
U. of Chicago Press 1987. That book is the BEST on the subject,
and contains further references."

Also, some lively discussion took place about a trove of Phoenican coins
that was found quite a long time ago on the Azores, nearly half way across
the Atlantic. This info was posted by SENECA.

This is all for now.

All the best.


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