Subject:      Re: antiquity of oghams (was: about Micmac script
From: (Yuri Kuchinsky)
Date:         1997/07/07
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Douglas Weller ([22] wrote:
: On 5 Jul 1997 13:22:41 GMT, in sci.archaeology, Yuri Kuchinsky wrote:

: >Why do you so often have to display your cynicism in public? What makes
: >you think I haven't read the White Goddess?
: Simply because you made no specific reference to it.  Perhaps you can
: help me, as I've only glanced through it. What does he actually say
: about ogham?


I can assure you that I read this book quite carefully -- many years ago.
He is one of my favourite writers, and I actually have some links and
files dedicated to him on my webpage. I consider him a great Gnostic
thinker of our time.

His arguments about oghams are extremely complex. For example he explains
in detail about letters-tree names connections, and why certain trees were
important in various seasons. Because tree names were also month names,
according to him. Thus the ogham alphabet letters also were connected to
the calendar and various seasonal celebrations.

Many of his arguments are of course quite speculative and he usually
doesn't explain things in detail or provide footnotes. But he makes sense
to me overall. I'm aware of one scholarly book that looks at all this, and
I will try to look it up for you if you wish. It's been years since I
studied all this...

Now, as far as the so called "battle of the trees" that provides the
starting point of his scholarly investigation, this is really too complex
to get into in detail. Basically he claims to solve two quite obscure
puzzles in Celtic mythology connected with some bardic poems the verses of
which he claims were "scrambled" to hide their true meaning from the
outsiders. The ancient "battle of the trees" poem, CAD GODDEU, according
to him, is a cryptic account of an important battle between two Celtic
tribes that had somewhat different oghams and whose calendar observances
were slightly different. The result of the battle was letter sequence and
calendar reform.

Confusing enough for you yet? But nobody said this stuff is easy to figure

More generally, the greatest achievement of Graves in my opinion was that
he was the first to point out the many connections between the biblical
and Greek and other pagan mythologies. All this stuff is in his and
Raphael Patai's HEBREW MYTHS. Patai, of course, is a great biblical
scholar and a specialist in biblical anthropology and history. This is why
I see Graves as a Gnostic thinker. His biblical interpretations and
theories are very little known, unfortunately.



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