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These are some new, or previously unavailable files uploaded here early in 2002. Now that my big book about the Magdalene Gospel, and the New Testament history is published, I have more time to devote to some of my other interests.

Here's a very interesting article about the cultural and linguistic contacts between the Canadian West Coast Natives and Polynesia. This is based on the research by a respected anthropologist, Dr. Irving Goldman.

Please take a look at these two runestones. One of them is from Denmark, and the other one from N America. The inscriptions surely do look very similar, and in fact almost identical. But it seems like the professional archaeologists are simply not interested.


Ancient American Fruit Trees Research

The following articles are about precolumbian Native American and Canadian horticulture. Yes, it's true, the Native peoples of North America had planted and cultivated fruit trees since times immemorial. Among these were many sorts of apples and peaches.

Unfortunately, this is not what our mainstream scholars want to hear. For some reason, they don't want to give credit to the Native peoples for their cultural achievements... I guess it's the old Euro-centric bias that comes into play here, once again.

Please click on these links to learn more. These are just some of the discussions that took place on Usenet, dealing with this subject.

 From: Yuri Kuchinsky (
 Subject: lots of Native American apples
 Newsgroups: sci.archaeology, sci.anthropology
 Date: 2002-05-04

The above article can also be found here.

More about apples,

 From: Yuri Kuchinsky (
 Subject: Re: lots of Native American apples
 Newsgroups: sci.archaeology, sci.anthropology,
 Date: 2002-05-06

The above article can also be found here.

And this material is about the peaches,

 From: Yuri Kuchinsky (
 Subject: Native American Peaches (updated)
 Newsgroups: sci.archaeology,
 sci.anthropology, sci.misc, sci.skeptic
 Date: 2002-05-31

The above article can also be found here.

A lot more can be found about this general subject in the Usenet archives (Google Groups) around this time period in 2002. Other fruit trees have also been considered in the discussions that I have started. And a lot more details about apples and peaches, as well... These three articles here are only a small selection of what is available out there.

Hawaiian and Canadian totem poles

Unbeknownst to most Americans and Canadians, the totem poles are not only a North American phenomenon. Totem poles are also found in Hawaii, as well as elsewhere in Polynesia. And... surprise, surprise... these totem poles also happen to be quite similar in both places!

The following article brings together some links to the traditional totem poles both in Canada and in Polynesia. If you also read the discussions that followed (by following Google Groups links), a lot more info can be found about these intriguing similarities. Clearly they indicate cultural contact between these peoples -- the contact that goes back many centuries before the Europeans ever made it to these areas of the Pacific.

[You can find the ensuing discussions at the link below. Just click on the Google link that says "Complete Thread".]

 From: Yuri Kuchinsky (
 Subject: Hawaiian and Canadian totem poles
 Newsgroups: sci.archaeology, alt.culture.hawaii,
 soc.culture.pacific-island, sci.anthropology
 Date: 2003-12-04

The above article can also be found here.

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