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"THE MAGDALENE GOSPEL: a Journey Behind the New Testament", by Yuri Kuchinsky; Roots Publishing, Toronto, 2002.

Trade paperback, 490 pages long. Includes the entire translation of the Magdalene Gospel (108 pages).

Here you can see a very brief synopsis of my main arguments in the book.

Here you can see the Table of Contents of the book.

As a service to the public, the Introduction to the book is now available here, and you can read it free of charge. It has been uploaded in two parts for convenience. Here is Part 1 of the Introduction to "THE MAGDALENE GOSPEL: a Journey Behind the New Testament". Here is Part 2 of the Introduction.

And here is the Bibliography of the works cited in the book.

The book is temporarily unavailable other than in some Toronto bookstores. Please click here for details.

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