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I've just left it like it was...

Some updated material on this website
in regard to the Magdalene Gospel can be found here.

My more recent writings and research are here. -- Yuri.



Please come in and make yourself comfortable. In January '98, I've updated my page. I've included a few new images, added a bunch of great new hotlinks, and fixed some old ones. Some new files are now included in my NETSTUFF pages, and more are on the way.

Here you will find a few interesting connections that try to bring together different areas of interest. Internet sites that they lead to may seem like an unusual combination of things and ideas. But I believe they all have something to add to understanding where we are today as humans living on this planet.


Yuri keeps working on this page... So stay tuned...

Also I have quite a few of my writings available on this page. I also have quite a few that I haven't included here yet.

What will you see on this webpage?

You can go into various areas of interest. I'm now working on a number of areas of ancient history. I'm researching two areas in particular. One of them is biblical history. And the other is the area of ancient America, especially focusing on transoceanic cultural contacts in ancient times.

I've been exploring both the Usenet newsgroups and the Internet mailing lists quite a bit. Recently, I've been spending much of my time researching certain mysteries about ancient American cultures and civilizations. Were there really ancient mariners crossing the oceans, especially the Pacific? And what would have been their impact on both shores, in Asia, as well as in the Americas? Is it possible that ancient tribal peoples were exchanging cultural knowledge across the Pacific many centuries before Columbus, the great European explorer, came on the scene?

bird[Image]Here, in my "NET FILES" you will find some of the articles I and others have posted around the Net in the last few months. These articles dealing with transoceanic travel in ancient times now ALSO include some rather INTERESTING PHOTOS OF "EARS OF CORN" IN PRECOLUMBIAN INDIA!

And this is the link to my main web site where you will find plenty more files dealing with the questions of transpacific travel in ancient times. This site is still under construction, and will include more files in due time.

My main areas of interest are mythology, both ancient and modern, biblical mythology and history, ecology and eco-theology. In particular, for a number of years I've been focusing on studying the question of population and environment.

I would like to contribute as much as I can to defend the Natural world against the tragic destruction that is taking place in our time.

For more about Yuri, and some assorted musings, click here.

A selection of my poetry is available here.

And here are some of the webpages of my friends.

Would you like to take a look at a few thousands of Yuri's postings in the Usenet (now more widely known as Google Groups)? ... Perhaps not? Well, just in case that you would...

Google Groups
When you get there, just type yuri kuchinsky in the search box and search away... You can explore at leasure this quite incredible Net resource that archives millions of Net discussions by EVERYONE.


It's not all that hard to put together your own homepage.
I did it (with a little help from my friends)!

Don't panic if the Net is letting you down.
Because, after a while, the Net can catch you up and become a Safety Net!
We would hope...


Below you will find links to some interesting sites on the Web. Let me know if any of them fail to connect (this can happen if there's a change of address at that site).

bird[Image]These sites were added in January '98:

bird[Image]And these are some good quality sites dealing with New Testament history I've also added in Jan '98.


The following sites were added in May '96:

The next batch of links has been here for a while. But they are all still active and updated as of Jan '98.


These are Green links that can lead you to massive amounts of other Green links...

Jay Hanson's green economics
It is very well researched.
Green Party sites and info on the Net
Green Party thinks about tomorrow.
The KZPG Population News Network
This is an Internet forum and archive dedicated to studying the tragic effects of overpopulation on our world.


And these are mythological and biblical history links.

Joseph Campbell link
He is the man who was there before! If you still don't know about Joe, it's about time you found out... He was a leader in the mythological field.
Magic in late antiquity
An interesting exhibit of magical amulets.
Go to "Dead Sea Scrolls site"
This site contains mostly academic resources dealing with one of the most intriguing discoveries of XX century archaeology.
Go to "Gnostic resources page"
Gnostic resources for inquiring minds. Ancient history isn't really so ancient when you really look into it. There's a lot of other links 'n stuff in there...
Link to non-canonical gospels
All kinds of strange and often obscure historical documents.
The WWW Bible Gateway
This is one solid Bible search engine that can search a number of different versions of the Scriptures.
Robert Graves Society
This page was recently updated. Graves, better known for his historical novels and poetry, also was an incredible pioneer in many fields of mythology. I also have articles about him that I wrote and that can be found on my page with other Net postings of mine.
A site about ancient Alexandria, the Shining City of Light, and the intellectual capital of antiquity. A site connected with Phanes Press, an esoteric publisher.


Here's some good news. My page has been (somewhat) favourably reviewed by EXCITE


Internet service and Search Engine, under "Personal Pages/Writing". Even if they didn't seem to like my poetry all that much... oh well... (Actually, the last time I looked, my modest 2 Star review was the very last one on their list...) But the rest of t he stuff sort of pleased the reviewers... It's good to know that someone is reading and recommending stuff on the Net! You can see the notice for yourself by going to EXCITE site and doing a search on my name.

Hope you enjoy my www page. Please, drop me a line by clicking above, and tell me what you think about all this.