Please take a look at some of this GROUNDBREAKING RESEARCH dealing with a number of disputed areas of ancient history. This is the webpage of Yuri Kuchinsky.

My new book, "THE MAGDALENE GOSPEL: a Journey Behind the New Testament" is now available. Click here for details.

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You can go into different areas of interest. I'm now researching a number of problems of ancient history that are considered rather controversial. For great many years, I've been focusing on two areas in particular. One of them is the biblical history. And the other is the area of ancient America, especially focusing on possible transoceanic cultural contacts in ancient times.

Starting in March '98, I've been uploading here some of my essays dealing with the early history of the New Testament gospels. (For some of my older research in this area, see the files on my other webpage at The link is at the end of this file.) Most of these articles were posted previously to various mailing lists dedicated to the study of the Historical Jesus, and the New Testament history. I'm grateful for all the feedback and guidance I've received from all the contributors to these discussion groups, many of them highly respected NT professionals. (Although, as I'm now updating this introduction (Jan, 2001), I need to report that there have been some recent problems in this area. Some of my recent research seems to have created quite a lot of resentment among the professionals. You can find out more about it as you read more of my materials.)

This is still a work in progress. For some time now, I've been working on a book that was meant to go into more detail in the areas that have been explored in these articles available here. Although I've been working very hard on this, the book has still not been completed. The main problem has been that, recently, my progress has been so fast and furious that I had to scrap quite a few chapters after they were already written! All the time I'm discovering more new and amazing things, that constantly tend to put my previous opinions into question! I guess this is what they call the embarrassment of riches?

In any case, as I'm now updating this, I'm busy at work exploring two very interesting but almost completely unknown medieval manuscripts that contain what, I believe, are the most ancient Christian writings we have. This is the Hebrew Gospel of Matthew, and the Magdalene Gospel. So this is where I've been spending a lot of my time in the last year or so, and what an exciting time it has been... You will find on this webpage dozens of articles about these two gospels, and links to a lot more.

I will be adding more files as my work progresses. [NOTE (Nov, 2001) My new book is almost ready, and should be appearing before the end of the year. It's called, "THE MAGDALENE GOSPEL: a Journey Behind the New Testament".]

So here are these files about New Testament history, and about the Magdalene Gospel. They present an interpretation of the NT quite unlike the others that you're likely to find in bookstores or in the libraries. This is something completely different. This may be described as the Ultimate NT Historical Heresy Page...

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Were there really ancient mariners crossing the oceans, especially the Pacific? And what would have been their impact on both shores, in Asia, as well as in the Americas? Is it possible that ancient tribal peoples were exchanging cultural knowledge across the Pacific many centuries before Columbus, the "great European explorer", came on the scene? Find out the full story about it. This is not generally the story that they teach in school.

Here are these files dealing with transoceanic travel in ancient times. Most of them were posted by myself, but a few were also posted by others. This is my research from the years from 1997 to 2000.

Some of my main areas of interest are mythology, both ancient and modern, biblical mythology and history, and ecology and eco-theology. In particular, for a number of years I've been focusing on studying the question of population and environment.

And here's the link to my main page at There you will find plenty of other links and writings by Yuri.

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