Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 13:22:57 -0500
From: y.kuchinsky@utoronto.ca
Cc: crosstalk@info.harpercollins.com
Subject: re: Mark 7.19

This saying comes in what context?  In the context of the so-called
Bethsaida section, Mk 6:45-8:26. And this whole section was very likely a
later interpolation. After all, this also happens to be the "great
omission" of Lk. While Mt knows it, Lk doesn't seem to. This indicates
that the version of proto-Mk that Lk knew probably didn't yet have this

And this Bethsaida section also has plenty of other hallmarks of the later
editorial style, such as evident doublets. One such doublet was the
subject of Crosstalk attention only very recently. Namely, the feeding of
the 4000, and the 7 baskets (probable allusion to the 7 deacons to the
Gentiles). This story is a likely reflex of the feeding of the 5000 (and
12 baskets). The 4000 thus is a later elaboration, which makes perfect
historical sense.

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