Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 13:58:54 -0500
Subject: Re: Markan Priority

On Thu, 18 Dec 1997, Mark Goodacre wrote:

> I wrote:
> > > I am grateful to Stephen for this.  I went back to Streeter after 
> > > having read this and it is striking how poor and reversible the 
> > > arguments for Markan priority are. 
> Yuri replied:
> > Here's a new puzzler from Mark G. Are you now getting doubts about
> > Mk priority, Mark? Perhaps because your earnest defence of your
> > first love, the FGM, now more than ever seems like an uphill climb? 
> The FGM has two aspects, Markan Priority + Luke's use of 
> Matthew.  No, I have no doubts whatsoever about Markan Priority and I 
> have mounted a defence of it in an article forthcoming in NTS 
> (entitled *Fatigue in the Synoptics*).

Thanks for the clarification, Mark.

> Nevertheless, I think it most important to make sure that the 
> arguments that we are using are reputable ones.  Though I disagree 
> with the Griesbachians I think that they have (among other things) 
> created an enduring legacy in making us realise that many of the 
> traditional arguments for Markan priority do not in fact hold water.  
> Most of Streeter's arguments are like this.

Well, and I'm grateful to the Griesbachians because they've done a great
job in identifying those parts of the canonical Mk that were not likely to
have been in the early version of Mk, in what I would call the proto-Mark
(pMk). These additions to pMk indeed seem to be later expansions often
based on either canonical Mt or Lk, or on both. Here I do tend to agree
with the Griesbachians.

As far as the FGM, I'm also grateful to its proponents in so far as they
identified those later additions to Lk that were indeed most likely based
on Mt. (Also some parts of Lk may be based on Jn, as I noted before.) And
here I have a question for you, Mark. Are you familiar with the work of
Francois Bovon? Because he recently has dealt quite extensively with
precisely these possible later expansions of parts of Lk based on Mt. What
do you think about his work?



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