Bronte Harriers International Running Club


Congratulations!!! You've reached the best page at this site! Here you will find fun things, not necessarily running-related, but guaranteed to make you smile. You'll also have a chance at the end to send in your favourite links to sites. You send 'em, I'll post 'em!!!

CleverMedia Shockwave Arcade Games - This site requires MacroMedia Shockwave (a free download) but the games are a great break from the busy lives we all lead.

MVRD - Fun Stuff - Links to 150 different sites containing games. Definitely worth a look!

Late Show Top 10 - Check back everyday for a great Top 10 list.

The Simpsons - Official FOX site to the cartoon family America loves.

Internet Anagram Server - Just type in a word and this clever thingymajig will give you a list of other words using the same letters.


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