FAQs for Trailer hitch to fit Volkswagen Vans, Buses, Campers, Vanagons, Late Bay Buses.. etc

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Frequently asked questions.

How long till I get my hitch?

.... it depends on  a lot of factors .. I don't always keep them in stock ...mosty they are made on request.
it can be as short as 2-6 days.. or as long as 12 weeks due to summer time delays.

 Sometimes I have one that can be sent out as soon as payment is received. 

I recommend you contact me with the complete order form information and include a date you need it by... If I can meet your deadline. I will accept the order, and once I receive payment I will confirm the order and the shipping date.

Do you have a hitch to fit a 1971?

No.  nothing earlier than 1973 up to 1991
I only have Late Bay , front and rear, and Vanagon rear hitches

Can I adapt your hitch to another year of Bus.

sorry.. the body style, frame dimensions, engine type, style of exhaust system and many other things are soooo different on the 1972 and earlier
If you would like to give it a try.. go ahead and order one... if you can't make it fit.. you can probably re-sell it online.

Return /cancellation Policy

Before shipping.. no cost, full refund.
After shipping :
60 days on manufacturing defect
30 days any other reason,  you pay shipping to my door  refund total paid minus shipping, also minus 25% restocking fee
If I can find a sale for it.. I will have you ship it to them and issue a full refund not including shipping, taxes, duties etc.
no cash refunds, credit only
no refunds on special orders
Always call or e-mail for a return authorization number before sending a return