1974 Westfalia
Most Recent
circa 2013
can you tell which one is the turtle


.. circa 2010
painted Raveena Green,,, way too green.. and a poor paint job to boot!
ravenna green

Below ,2 pics, it was painted Yosemite Yellow
See the M-Code plate below

circa 1991

M-Code Plate
m-code plate

It reads:
23 42 094 423
227 507
964849  D55 P27 027 073
02 3 7674  UA  2319 41

Which decifers.

23 Kombi (windows in cargo compartment)
4  means it is a 1974
2094423  remaining serial numbers
227  Detachable headrest in cab
507  Vent wings in cab doors
9648.. L65K ravennagrün   ravenna green 
above paint Code only used on Westfalia campers
49 Camping Blue Green plaid
D55 Collection of M-codes: 020/032/047/094/103/187/240/507
Specifications for the USA Speedo in miles, Sealed beam headlamps,
Rear window defroster, Back-up lamps, Side marker reflectors... (?) (1974)
P27 Westfalia interrior type P27
027 Compliance with exhaust emission standards M 157/M 251 California
073  Pop-up roof campmobile

02 day of the month
3 = March
7674  unknown code
UA  USA, port:  California
2319 41 Kombi, sliding door right, LHD extra 609/517

020 Speedo in miles
032  Lockable filler cap for fuel tank
047 With back-up lamps
094 Lockable engine lid
103 Heavy duty shock absorbers front and back
187 Sealed beam headlamps
240 Engine with recessed crown piston for low octane fuel
507 Vent wings in cab doors
517 Campmobile
609 VW campmobile de luxe

ready to camp

WOW... look at the 4 pictures above..
all of the same vehicle,, same paint,,  with drastic different looking pictures!

Here is a copy of the " Birth Certificate " 
birth certificate